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Dave Plowman (News)
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kmillar wrote:
How safe is it to use a blow torch in this confined space? (About 18
inches of verticle space benathe the floors). Apart from the obvious
need to not set the house on fire, I'm more interested in the fumes
given off by the blow lamp. What can I do about those?

The fumes from a blowlamp are really no different to the fumes from a gas
hob in the kitchen. And the floor void is hopefully ventilated, anyway.

But it's the one place I'd use my Antex Pipemaster electric pipe heater.
It's too painfully slow for other stuff, but ideal for this sort of
location if you're not too experienced. You might find one in a hire shop,
as they're costly at around 45 quid.

I'd rather not use 'speedfix' or compression if I can avoid it, just
for peice of mind.

Think you're being controversial. ;-)

*Am I ambivalent? Well, yes and no.

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