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Default Solder joints beneath floor - safety?

I need to add a new radiator to my house (hallway has none and it's

I plan to tap into the CH Flow and Return pipes which already run
underneath there, and plan to use solder ring connections.

My question is this, the access panel for my crawl space is at the
opposite side of the house, so I have to go down beneath the floor and
haul myself along through the rubble to the place where the pipes will

How safe is it to use a blow torch in this confined space? (About 18
inches of verticle space benathe the floors). Apart from the obvious
need to not set the house on fire, I'm more interested in the fumes
given off by the blow lamp. What can I do about those?

I'd rather not use 'speedfix' or compression if I can avoid it, just
for peice of mind.