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Ross Mac
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"Jeremy Hine" wrote in message
What would cause an older 240 waterheater to increase my power bill. I
also have electric furnace that regularly gets a new filter each 6 weeks.
AC/heater unit (outside) was serviced in late Dec, had both sequencers
replaced. Same goes for electric dryer around October. It might not be
the waterheater at all, its just the only thing that hasnt needed any
immediate attention. I can bet its never been flushed, elements replaced,
or anyother maintenance done to it.

I'm in a 25 year old singlewide mobile home in Northcentral Florida.

Any suggestions?


If you have an amp clamp or can borrow one you can measure your current
usage. Just pop the panel, if you are comfortable with that, and clamp onto
the appropriate breakers. There are also devices you can plug into that will
tell you the KWH you are using....just google around...there are
many....Good Luck, Ross