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Sam Goldwasser
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As they say: "If it ain't broke, why fix it"?

What's wrong with an old supply if it does the job? Unless there are
problems, or you are seriously expanding it, a new power supply won't
make it run better.

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"Darren" writes:


My spare PC is in an AT case. It's currently powered by a 200w AT power

The motherboard has AT and ATX connectors. The mobo is an Epox EP-58
MVP3C-M and has power connectors for both AT and ATX cases.

I'm taking out the generic AT 200w power supply as it's getting old and I
have a new 400w ATX power supply to put in.

The AT PSU has a power cord which runs to a button on the front of the case.

The ATX PSU does not have a power cord with a button attached to it.

I've noticed the mobo has a 2 pin connector labelled 'POWER-ON'.

After installing the new ATX PSU, is it a case of buying a power button with
two wires that go to the 2 pin 'POWER-ON' connector?

If so, I'm not sure which pin will be positive and which will be negative
and I'm not sure my mobo manual tells me...

I suppose that electronics shops would stock these buttons.

I'm from downunder, if that helps with PC component location advice.

Thanks heaps