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Larry Jaques
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On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 07:03:58 GMT, the inscrutable "Lawrence L'Hote"

....I'm not complaining(maybe I'm gloating) but my website(s) got over 60
'hit's yesterday and I got, maybe, a half dozen nice notes from some folks.
With this much traffic, I begin to sweat exceeding my bandwidth limits with
Mediacom, my ISP, and them shutting me off for a while. For those that just
'lurk' on my site I appreciate your stopping by for a visit.

Oh, other person of great name, hearken hither!

I was searching the web this morning for a certain ASP script
(Ick!) when I stubled across a dirt cheap host, $2.46/mo on an
annual basis. So for under $30, you can leave all your worries
and never have to pay Mediacom any extra for bandwidth. in New Delhi, India.

My most recent client got his own domain at
for $75/year, and that's USA hosting(AFAIK.)

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