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I am. I'm using what's provided by Mediacom as "personal web pages" At
the moment , I can't find their use policy to check on use limits but IIRC
it's very low compared to the services provided by commercial ISP's.
Presently I'm using about 40 meg of the 60 meg provided and have very
little Java code.


If you register a domain name ($7 or less everywhere) I can set you up with
hosting that is much more robust for around $4-10 a month depending on what
you would want as far as bandwidth and storage. Billed quarterly or yearly
to a credit card.

You would get info similar to what Dave Balderstone said he gets but much
more comprehensive that the clip he showed...

I don't sell it myself, I simply get it as a reseller four our charity and
pass on the favor to others I run into. If you reall found that the service
was awesome, you could always make a $10,000 donation to the charity.

Let me know (anyone) if I can set you up.