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Jim Behning
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"Lawrence L'Hote" wrote:

"Dave Balderstone" wrote in message

Larry, if 60 visits a day threatens your bandwidth you either need to
seriously look at the code you're using (have you got a lot of
Javascript stuff happening?) or find another host for the site.

I am. I'm using what's provided by Mediacom as "personal web pages" At the
moment , I can't find their use policy to check on use limits but IIRC it's
very low compared to the services provided by commercial ISP's. Presently
I'm using about 40 meg of the 60 meg provided and have very little Java


It either shuts down for a few days or more every month or it doesn't.
I ended up using our domain name and buying a GoDaddy hosting account
so the wife would stop fussing about her site going down. She has fun
with the statistics and reports. You can find places that host web
pages for a few bucks a month which is worth it for some.

Smaller pictures. No java. No flash. Thumbnails.