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Dave Balderstone
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In article yzGKd.33569$IV5.23945@attbi_s54, Lawrence L'Hote

....I'm not complaining(maybe I'm gloating) but my website(s) got over 60
'hit's yesterday and I got, maybe, a half dozen nice notes from some folks.
With this much traffic, I begin to sweat exceeding my bandwidth limits with
Mediacom, my ISP, and them shutting me off for a while. For those that just
'lurk' on my site I appreciate your stopping by for a visit.

Larry, if 60 visits a day threatens your bandwidth you either need to
seriously look at the code you're using (have you got a lot of
Javascript stuff happening?) or find another host for the site.

My site gets about 400 requests, an average of 9 meg, a day.

Here's (part of) the report I got today:

Web Server Statistics for
Program started at Sat-29-Jan-2005 00:12.
Analysed requests from Sat-01-Jan-2005 03:55 to Sat-29-Jan-2005 00:06
(27.84 days).
General Summary
Successful requests: 10,317
Average successful requests per day: 370
Successful requests for pages: 2,314
Average successful requests for pages per day: 83
Failed requests: 1,253
Redirected requests: 11
Distinct files requested: 118
Distinct hosts served: 746
Data transferred: 253,654,597 bytes
Average data transferred per day: 9,110,838 bytes


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