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DoN. Nichols
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In article . com,
blokemn wrote:
Hello all Dremel Fans,

At you can choose from a full selection of
Dremel Tools and Accessories. Are you missing that one attachment or
bit? We have it and we're Dremel experts. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS.
Check us out at

I just did -- and I find problems with the drop-down menus from
the various categories.

I use a machine with a high-resolution screen, which *won't*
switch to lower resolutions. And I sit fairly far back from it, so I
don't have to keep taking off and putting on glasses to switch between
the screen and other things.

So -- to get the fonts to where I can read them, I set the
minimum font size fairly large (try 24 point as an example).

The blue titles on the drop-down menus are small enough so I
need a magnifying glass to read them.

When I click on one, the drop-down spaces the items at about
one-half the height of the font which I am using, so I can only actually
read the bottom-most one.

I haven't bothered to see what is actually in your HTML code,
but whatever it is, is getting in the way of things properly re-sizing
to fit the browser and screen.

My browsers are Mozilla, FireFox, Opera, Amaya, and an older
Netscape. Your code might be tailored to Internet Explorer, but that
is not an option on my unix systems -- aside from not wanting to open
that bag of worms, virii and other security holes. :-)

So -- could you please tune the HTML on the site to be more
friendly to everyone's browser, instead of just a specific one?

Thank You,

P.S. And didn't you post something like this just a week ago? That
is a bit often, even if it is somewhat on-topic for the
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