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Dave Jackson
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There are books out there that will guide you through it. I don't know of
any online resource. I build stairs pretty regularly, so if you can explain
how you are doing it now, or the problems your having, i may be able to
offer an easier way. --dave

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"MikeC" wrote in message
Does anybody know of any free, web-based information I can use to help
install stair stringers?

-You found it here, What difficulties are you having?

I would just like to read some tutorials on installing stringers to see if
there are better ways of going about it than what I'm doing.

Information on casing, basing, and other trim
related stuff would be great too. Thanks!

-What kind of information? How to install? How to finish? Be more

I'm mostly looking for some tips on making nicer case and base joints.