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Larry Jaques wrote:

On Tue, 07 Dec 2004 00:56:35 -0800, charlie b
calmly ranted:

(Welcome back and look foreward to some
Jummywood cabinets pics in a.b.p.w.)

Oh lord, now Google searches on Jummywood.

Folks will grab their reference books trying
to find the density and hardness, workability,
special glue up needs ...

A website will spring up selling imported
premium grade Jummwyood pen blanks.

--big snip--

Don't forget NEWS: MinWhacks comes out with the new
polyurinestain "finishes": Antique Jummywood, Aged
Jummywood, Raw Jummywood, and Southern Jummywood, now
in PINK!

And don't forget Pacific Jummywood which comes in several gay designer