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On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:48:03 -0500, "Steve@carolinabreezehvac"

20 yrs for gfci is well beyond its lifespan, not factoring bathroom
humidity. So probably 15 yrs is a good estimate, but probably NEMA or
UL will have more details, but here is what CSPC has on it.

I suggest replace all your gfci while your at it, around $10.

"mark" wrote in message
Thanks to all who replied.

The outside lights are not connected to the GFCI.

A couple of hours after I posted the original problem, I went upstairs and
reset the GFCI and it worked. And has since then (a full day). So I'm not
sure what the problem is/was.


Here is something to try..

Go in, turn the shower on hot, and leave for a few minutes....see if it does
it again, and if so, you found your issue..

"Salty Thumb" wrote in message
Salty Thumb wrote in

M I woke up this morning, took a shower. When I went to shave I
noticed that M the GFCI receptacle in my bathroom had tripped. I
pushed the "RESET" button M back in but it immediately popped back
out. Tried it about 10 more ?
==== to anything else?

this happened to me recently. replaced the gfci, same problem.
replaced a downstream outlet and gfci worked normally.

p.s. it goes without saying, but make sure you cut the right circuit
breaker before fooling with it or it'll end your holiday real quick