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Andy Dingley
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On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 13:36:49 -0000, "Holly" wrote:

People seem to have different opinions about this. My husband sands
after the first coat, once any remaining fibres are "set" in the

This really depends on the quality of the timber. Some need more
sanding than others, and a sealer before that last sanding.

If I were using varnish as a finish, then I'd use a shellac-based
sanding sealer before this last sanding pass. It dries quickly and
produces a final cure much faster than a varnish. Waiting for a
varnish to be truly ready to sand would add another day to the sander
hire, IMHO. Use a blonde shellac, because you don't want a coloured
sealer that's going to be partially sanded through and leave a blotchy

OTOH, Floorcoat doesn't like being put down over any other coating, so
I don't do this. I might spray the floor with water to raise the
grain before the last sanding, but that's about it.

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