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Andy Dingley
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On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 09:33:10 -0500, S Viemeister

inflatable anti-vibration gloves too (try Arco).

I've never seen (or heard of) those gloves. Are they easy to find? How
expensive are they?

They're rare, impossible to find and expensive. They're also not very
good. My search continues for anti-vibration gloves that really work.
having suffered RSI problems a couple of years ago, I'm rather
sensitive to this.

Air gloves are 50 quid. Gel gloves are 20. Cycling shops do cheaper
gel gloves that work pretty well (if not better) but only protect
palms, not fingers. Air gloves are better at protecting from
vibration, but you lose most finger control. I've also seen home-made
air gloves from nested vinyl gloves and gaffer tape, but they took an
assistant to put on and inflate.

I'd point you to a web URL, but Arco have switched to using that
BroadVision rubbish, so I can't. Try this - look under "specialist
hand protection"
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