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Martin Pentreath
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Lots of good advice here. Just two tips I would add.

Firstly, remember that is is hideously noisy, and that you will not
endear yourselves to your new neighbours by sanding late into the
evenings. Worth considering when you're planning whether you can
really do two rooms in a weekend. From my experience I would say that
two rooms of the size you're talking about would just about be doable
to a good standard in a weekend, but you would be pushing it a little
(and may need to add bottles of wine/boxes of chocs to the budget to
placate those next door).

Secondly (and as money is at a premium, I guess if it wasn't none of
us would be DIYing), the sale-or-return sanding sheets from the
hireshops is usually pretty expensive. Screwfix do it much cheaper
There are three grades which each come in packs of ten. I would say
you could get through ten sheets of each doing both rooms (especially
if you're as bad at spotting protruding tacks as I was). I would buy a
pack of each from Screwfix, and then only use the sale-or-return stuff
if the Screwfix supply runs out. For some reason screwfix don't supply
the discs for the edge sander as far as I know.