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On 24 Nov 2004 13:17:12 -0800, (Kieren)

Hello all,

basic question is Do it myself or get in the professionals.

Have done reasearch on the web and friends and family and really get a
mixed response from
'yeah it is easy' to 'no way I tried it once and just can't be
bothered with the hassle get the professionals in mate'

We did the front room (two rooms knocked through) and the hall. Took
the entire weekend (finished varnishing at midnight on Sunday).
Absolutely knackering (and we're pretty fit), not the perfect finish
but not bad, and dust gets *everywhere*.

It's not desperately difficult to do but it's a long, messy, physical,
noisy, awkward job. Oh, and Ronseal Diamond Hard is a good clear
varnish if you decide to go that way.

Good luck!