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Default Fixing Celotex to walls

"Stephen Gilkes" wrote in message
Hi there

Just about to start insulating my single-skin brick shed with Celotex and
have got a couple of questions:

The Celotex will be fitted to the wall by fixing battens over the Celotex
and then fixed to the wall. What is the best way to attach the battens to
the wall? Should I use screws or masonry nails? If using screws, I need to
put rawl plugs into the brick. What's the best and quickest way to do

If I pre-drill all the holes in the brickwork, how can I be sure to line

the batten with the holes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am a total newbie to this kind of


If you want to put plaster board over the celotex, then you could first fix
uprights to the wall, fill between with celotex, then plasterboard over the
whole lot. This would give you some solid bits to fix things to. It is
also possible to get plasterboard already fixed to celotex.