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Steve Perry
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In article , Chas

"Stormin Mormon" wrote
Hey, at least we don't drive around with loud speakers five times a day
blaring out the prayer call.

You've got a point there.
Of course there are those guys on Temple Square.

And we don't behead folks.

Of course, dressing up in costume and waylaying people by the side of the
road is still very popular- and Porter Rockwell's legacy is alive and well.
It's dangerous to pass through Mormon country if you're gentile; and
dangerous to stay there if you don't toe the Saint's line.
Of course, you can always move to Mexico, hunh?


Yeah, but you can buy Polygamy Porter there -- "Why have just one?" --
which is passing good beer and shows somebody in the beehive state has
a sense of humor. We camped in Perry, Utah, recently -- had to stop
there, the name and all, and it was great. Mountains on one side, Great
Salt Lake on the other.

Had a buddy lived in Orem. I visited him once. We stood in his yard,
just around the corner from the Donny and Marie Osmond Performing
Theater. There were two churches in sight, and he waved in both
directions and said, "Mormons, as far as the eye can see ..."