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fasthands wrote:
Sure you can hang a bag. Just make sure it isn't too heavy and it is
secured. Here is a video clip of Ross Enamait, M.S., CFT hitting the

bag in
his basement.

He's definitely whipping that bag's ass. I've got a 100 lb bag hanging

off a
joist in my garage and it hurts my arms to really pound it. Of course,

I've got
some hardware in them so I guess I can't have everything.

Getting back to topic: I just drilled a small hole through the joist and

the bag on a bolt with great big fender washers to prevent the bolt from

the joist. It works fine.

The best way to attach it is to use 3 attachment points. This effectively
lowers the pivot point and the bag doesn't swing as much.

This might also help with the stress on the structure, and maybe the

(or if that link gets broken. Never tried
these so don't know if it will just bob up and down or not, esp. with
a 100-150 lb bag.