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James Simpson
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Default 135 Degree worktop joint (external 45 degree)

Andy Hall wrote in message . ..
On 27 Jan 2004 09:14:54 -0800, (James Simpson)

My question is simple,

Could you possibly either post it as ASCII art. or sketch, scan and
put on a web site, or some other way to achieve something visual?

To email, substitute .nospam with .gl

Have a look there for the image - thanks

I think I got the angle wrong, the actual angle taken from the outside
of the worktop is 225. (135 + another 90 ))

Is this actually possible (keeping the rolled edge) or is my best bet
to cut straight into the worktop and join with a straight mitre and
cover the exposed peice with the laminate edging (I would rather try
and keep the rolled edge)

Thanks - James