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Charles Spitzer
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Default Ceramic Tile installation: slip under baseboard or remove

"Mike" wrote in message
I'm putting ceramic tile on my basement slab. The walls are finished.

I'd hate to remove the baseboards. Can I slip the tile underneath the
baseboard? If so, should I leave space between the tile and drywall?

how are you going to get the baseboards to rise up to leave a space? did you
remove carpet from the slab already and have a space? will that space be

typically you want the tile under the baseboards. it doesn't matter if you
leave a space and tile and drywall, it isn't going to grow like wood would.
typical installation is to leave a grout line between the tile and
wallboard, but if you put the baseboards on top of the tile, no one will
ever see if you do that or not.

you could tile up to the baseboards, leaving a grout line between the last
tile and baseboard. in that case, then you must grout it or it'll look