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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

*Building* a spec house yourself is different from buying either a
modular or stick home from a builder and then turning around and
selling it. You did not make clear your intentions.


Yes, sorry about that. Pops and I stumbled upon the factory built
homes this past weekend when we were scouting out local subs and
different home designs. The kicker was we saw a cape cod (I assumed
stick built) next to my vacant property selling for $180,000. Later
that day is when we found the factory built cape cod. Including the
foundation and hook ups, this could have been ours for a total of
$123,000 on my lot in "ready to move in" condition. The only
noticeable difference that I could tell was the $180,000 cape cod
stick-built had a large front porch. Pops noticed a few different
things on the interior, but nothing that looked "bad", only
"different". I was just curious if we went ahead and got the Cape cod
factory built put on my lot and all hooked up if we could turn and
sell it for $160,000 to $170,00. That would be a nice, quick profit
with minimal effort in a short period of time. Your point of "someone
else could just buy land, buy the factory built home from the building
company and have it setup on their land for the same wholesale cost"
is valid. I was curious to know if someone drove by a nice piece of
property with a nice house that caught their eye for a reasonable
price, if they would purchase it, or consider doing the entire setup
from A to Z themselves to save $35,000? If it were me I would choose
to save the $$$, and you sound like the same type of person. But not
everyone has time, resources, or the know-how to find available land
at a good price, purchase it, find a mod home they like and purchase
it, setup the foundation work, then have the home delivered and setup
- all to save $35,000. If you spelled it out like that on paper and
showed it to a consumer, of course they would want to save the money.
But, some people have a set amount of money and if they find something
they like that fits in their budget with minimal time or effort, I
would think they would be happy to purchase the mod home that was
already setup vs doing all the work themselves. But I could be wrong.
Anyways, we were leaning towards doing the stick-built before, and
after doing the research and talking to helpful people like yourself I
think we are still looking to do a stick-built. Thanks for your
input, it helped alot.