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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

On 7 Jan 2004 09:50:43 -0800, someone wrote:

All negative comments and nay-sayers are 100% welcomed to reply! I
love to prove people wrong, and always get a kick out established
builders telling me that I shouldn't even think about building a spec

Ah now the truth comes out. That's not what you posted, "I am going
to become a spec builder for the first time". Then we would have
wished you luck. Instead you posted as a prospective modular home

Looks like you and your Dad are planning mainly to make money on your
own labor, and secondarily on the coordination of trades (not paying a
GC markup to do it for you). That does not match at all with your
post about your Dad loving the modular you looked at. If you buy the
modular there will be much less for you to do, and fewer sub-trades
for you to hire yourself. I suppose you could order a modular as
stripped as possible so as to leave you more to do and get paid for,
but that was not a goal clearly stated in your post.

Now, if you are saying you want to be a modular dealer/builder (who
gets the on-site trades lined up as well as sells the people the
modular house, why that's fine, but again that's not what you posted
about when you went to anther dealer's showroom and looked over their

*Building* a spec house yourself is different from buying either a
modular or stick home from a builder and then turning around and
selling it. You did not make clear your intentions.