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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

I had planned to sell this home soon after it was completed -

How do you expect to make money on that? You are not a builder. You
will pay retail for the house to be built and then turn around and
sell it at retail. Where is the profit in that. You might as well go
buy a new car and then turn around and sell it. Why would the buyer
pay YOU, he can just buy his own house and lot, what did you do to add
value? If you are going to sell, why bother to build, just sell the

If you build houses and sell them you better be a builder, that's
called "spec building" (on speculation) and you obviously are not one.

Never mind mod vs stick, first what is your rationale here?


Thanks for everyones' input on this. I received the answers that I
was looking for.

My Dad and can do almost all of the build ourselves - we will sub out
everything we don't want to bother with. We will sub out the
foundation and framing. After that, depending on what price quotes we
get for each job (drywall, electric, plumbing, roof, exterior, etc),
if the price is higher than we like then we will do it ourselves. No,
I am not the builder, the Old Man is. We are shooting for $50 to $60
per square foot building costs and will likely sell for around $80 to
$90 per square foot (similar to prices for housing in that area). We
have done just about everything involved in building a home (excpet
the foundation and an entire frame job) over the years on our own
homes. Now he has just got his builders license, so we are going to
build one to sell. Thanks for your input.

All negative comments and nay-sayers are 100% welcomed to reply! I
love to prove people wrong, and always get a kick out established
builders telling me that I shouldn't even think about building a spec