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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

On 3 Jan 2004 20:18:10 -0800, someone wrote:

Anyone have an opinion of the quality and durability of a home that is
built in a factory & delivered to your vacant lot versus a 100% on
site, stick built, traditional home?

Quick answer: for a "standard" type of home (small spans, interior
walls in the usual places, plan breaks down easily into pieces 14 feet
wide or less) a modular can save time & money. For non-standard
and/or quite large designs one would be forcing a square peg into a
round hole to try to do it modular. The main contractor on my (stick)
house also does modular, and it was never a consideration to try it
that way. It was designed stick all the way.

But that's not my main concern, see below.

I had planned to sell this home soon after it was completed -

How do you expect to make money on that? You are not a builder. You
will pay retail for the house to be built and then turn around and
sell it at retail. Where is the profit in that. You might as well go
buy a new car and then turn around and sell it. Why would the buyer
pay YOU, he can just buy his own house and lot, what did you do to add
value? If you are going to sell, why bother to build, just sell the

If you build houses and sell them you better be a builder, that's
called "spec building" (on speculation) and you obviously are not one.

Never mind mod vs stick, first what is your rationale here?