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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

"Dave C." wrote in message
In our case, our stick built was less. I took our specs to a local high
modular builder and he said he couldn't come close to the price we were
getting on the
stick built. Last week I saw a show where a two story modular was being
They lifted each upper quad (?) section with a crane to rest on the

No one can tell me those sections are not well built. I certainly would

trust my
stick built (which has built to very good specs) to hold together

such a maneuver.

EXACTLY!!! Too many people falsely believe that modular isn't as high in
quality as stick-built. Actually, if you specify the same building
materials, you end up with the exact same home, just a bit stronger. The
problem is, if you accept the default configuration, which is cheaply

THEN you might end up with something that compares unfavorably to
stick-built. -Dave

Perhaps, but remember too, there are plenty of home builders who cut
corners and hide
problems that they don't want to take the time to do over. It's frequently
just a
matter of whether the owner or field super is around that day to catch the
This won't happen with a *good* builder--but it won't happen with a good mod
builder, either.