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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

Anyone have an opinion of the quality and durability of a home that is
built in a factory & delivered to your vacant lot versus a 100% on
site, stick built, traditional home?

I purchased a vacant lot and was shopping around the different
builders in the area, when I happened to walk into a manufactured
model of a home. I must say that I was very impressed with the
exterior and interior of the factory built home. This was a Cape Cod
style. I guess I had always assumed that manufactured homes looked
more like 1 or 2 trailers next to one another - not a lot of style or
eye appeal. But that was not the case. The Cape Code was about 2100
square feet and was on sale from $130,000 to an unbeleivably low price
of $110,000. I was with my father who is a craftsman with an eye for
quality, and he was equally impressed (he had never walked thru a
factory built home either). He practically wanted to buy this after
looking through it for a couple hours. Am I wrong to think a
manufactured home will measure up against a site built home both in
curb appeal and durability?

I had planned to sell this home soon after it was completed - do
buyers typically have a negative opinion of manufactured homes? Or if
it looks nice enough and quality was put into the house, then is it a

Final question: does a seller need to disclose to a buyer that a home
is factory built or stick built?

Thanks for the information.