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Default OT: Deoderant advertises suicide?

on 6/15/2021, Sam E supposed :
On 6/14/21 12:10 PM, Commander Kinsey wrote:
Why do they put death warnings on deoderant? Isn't that encouraging
suicide? I have one here that says "solvent abuse can kill instantly".
Well thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to use that method now you've
told me about it....

Thinking of warnings, I've had a lawn mower with a warning sticker saying
don't put your hands and feet under the deck while it's running. Maybe
somebody thinks it'll just clean your finger and toe nails.

I've seen stepladders with warnings about not using the top 'step' to
step on. I had a miniature working cannon with a warning sticker which
stated "Do not look into barrel of cannon while firing".

That last one is the one that really started me thinking about stupid
warnings on things.