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Default Deoderant advertises suicide?

Commander Kinsey wrote
Rod Speed wrote
Rod Speed wrote

Well, I think you have to put dire warnings on everything these days.

No you dont with the obvious stuff.

It is hard to find anything in the consumer marketplace
that doesn't have some kind of warning.

Thats bull**** with all of gasoline, diesel, tap
water, rivers, the ocean, roads etc etc etc.

Worst case is probably a ladder.

In California it is ridiculous. (Prop 65)
Everything causes cancer in California.

Tap water doesnt.

Does if it's polluted.

But doesnt when it isnt.

Neither do donuts.

Is fat a type of cancer?


It's a huge growth....

So is your beer gut.

If they're donuts in America and not doughnuts, do they make them with do?

Corse they do.