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Default An electronic question.

On 15 Jun 2021 at 13:36:27 BST, "The Natural Philosopher"

On 15/06/2021 10:35, Peter Able wrote:
Assuming that Fredxx has the right link, I think that you should take it
with a little pinch of salt.* An article originated 2000, referring to a
50+ year old Op Amp design (great advance though it was) is the first

More than a hint, since transistorss weren't invented then let alone opanps

Concerns about supply impedance at audio frequencies is another.

The paradox is explained when you note that the article is 20 years old and
the 741 50+ years old *now*.

If the guy was writing about designing with Dynamic Memory, then he'd be
closer to the mark.* A bit OTT for audio.

Incidentally, you attack power supply noise at the power supply.* I
wonder if the last components in your proposed PSU are - electrolytic
and / or other capacitors across the outputs.

But you attck nouse ON the power supply wherever its being generated

At least he isn't trying to argue that no semiconductor device will beat
a 12AX7 ;

In 1950, he would be correct

Roger Hayter