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Yours is stick built and the way the roof
water is done is completely ****ed.

What's ****ed about the roof water?

That short section lying on the ground next to the path
isnt going to last long and the vertical looks bad too.

It's standard aluminum downspout.

The horizontal bit on the ground isnt.

Nearly every house in the U.S. has the same thing

Not the horizontal bit on the ground.

and it lasts as long as it needs to.

The horizontal bit on the ground doesn't.

That is just getting the water away from the
house so the basement is not as likely to flood.

A chain works much better when you have a decent eave.

They usually use splash blocks for that.

And that would last much longer.

I guess an extra 3" of aluminum was cheaper.

It's a lot more than 3", you presumably meant 3'

Still a ****ed way to do it.

I agree but these houses were built on the cheap.

My bet, with renters that thing won't last a week.
Yeah, that's what I meant. With a chain the worst that
can happen is some little kid tries to climb it and it
pulls out of the gutter and has to be put back.

Yeah, that's much worse than some drunk A-hole ripping the
chain down and beating his wife with it.
Cant happen with a plastic chain.

You're the one that started the chain discussion with "In my dad's
last house but one, there is a heavy galvanised chain from the
roof eaves" and then followed up with "Its obviously not going
to last as long as a proper galvanised chain."

Now you've switched to a cheap plastic chain.
Only when the house is for renters and it doesn’t have to be cheap.
Oh, yeah, that'll look great.
No reason why it cant look the same as galvanised chain.

Guaranteed longevity too.

The plastic gutter drops last fine.

I'm not sure a plastic rain chain would hold up to any kind of _real_

Not everyone freezes like that and those can use a metal chain.

And as Clare said, rain chains work much better where its that cold in

Perhaps. I've never had my downspouts freeze. Perhaps it's just enough
milder here than where Clare lives.

Cindy Hamilton

Up here in the "interlaken" area of ontario where John and I live
you can have wild temperature swings - moderate weather, a quick short
thaw, and then drop to the cellar -as cold as -4F and lower for a few
days - with intense sun that melts snow on dark roofs while the air
temp stays sub-zeroF. That splits downspouts, particularly if the exit
is covered in ice. Sub zero F is not common - but happens - and it
doesn't need to be that cold to cause problems. You can split a
downspout with weather in the teens or twenties F - the colder the
faster the downspouts freeze and when you have clear skies it can be
REALLY COLD yet have very strong sun causing thawing and freezing at
the same time