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Default OT: What words or phrases annoy you?

"FromTheRafters" wrote in message
on 6/10/2021, micky supposed :
In, on Thu, 10 Jun 2021 17:36:53 +0100, "Commander
Kinsey" wrote:

Tap instead of click.

That makes sense if you're talking about a phone.
App instead of program.

Definitely. The whole process of ignoring computer and writing only
about phones annoys me.
Fewer instead of less (even though more has no equivalent).

Yes, people should get that right.
Slowed up instead of slowed down (slow is less speed, so must be down).

Doesn't bother me. But it is interesting that people say both and
mean the same thing.
People who write computer programs that say "hello world" and nothing
else - clearly that program doesn't have the intelligence to say hello.

My own car radios have all been factory, but the truck I'm borrowing
says "Hi there" and something like Have a nice day, when I turn it on or
Bothering to distinguish between burned and burnt.

It hasn't come up. I suppose people get it right or I might notice.
Forward instead of forwards.

Havben't noticed.

Also. i.e. instead of e.g. People get that wrong more than half of the
time, and in reverse too, wrong more than half the time. If they don't
understand Latin, they should use English. Maybe they should use
English even if they do understand Latin. It looks like an affectation,
even in books.
I also don't like "different than". It should be "different from".

Yes, different from is 'more better' than ( ===another pet peeve,
than/that ) the other one. Maybe 'more better' is similar to what Rod was
thinking about -

No it wasn't.

'more' modifier is completely unneeded superflouos

Some of those add emphasis.

and pretty ( === another one ) redundant even though better is not
actually a superlative.