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On 06/11/2021 03:35 AM, wrote:
On Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 10:13:27 PM UTC-4, rbowman wrote:
On 06/10/2021 10:36 AM, wrote:
On Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 12:30:59 PM UTC-4, Rod Speed wrote:

Yours is stick built and the way the roof water is done is completely

What's ****ed about the roof water? Since it's in the West, where water
rights are to my way of thinking frankly crazy, it's possible that the people who
own or live in the house don't own the rights to the water that falls on it.
If that's the case, they must let it run to wherever it has always run.

It's a fine distinction but you cannot impound the water. You can divert
the downspout to water your garden. You cannot fill a cistern or koi
pond. The water use laws in this state go back at least 100 years. They
may seem crazy to people in the wetlands but they're not as crazy as
settling water disputes with .30-30's.

Thanks for the detail. The East is no stranger to water-rights weirdness.
IIRC there are places if anybody ever tied two logs together and floated
them downstream, it's a "navigable waterway" and subject to regulation.

Yeah, 'wetlands' are a sensitive topic around here. The Bitterroot and
Clark Fork rivers flood this time of year and do a lot of remodeling of
the channels. Trying to build a retaining wall on your property can be a

Except for one are that is iffy nobody ever built too close to the river
but sometimes they cut a new channel in surprising places. A nature
reserve built a paved handicapped accessible trail and a picnic pavilion
that got eaten a couple of years later.