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Default Halogen to be banned

On Thu, 10 Jun 2021 08:51:55 +1000, "Rod Speed"


Remembering this particular unit was HF got me thinking that I should
have replaced the entire fitting for an LED one, however I think I'm
better off saying with the 'tube' design as then I can swap out the
tubes if they fail or if I want to change the usage (less bright,
warmer etc) without replacing the entire unit.

You don't have to with a decent led string, just tell it what you
want color and brightness wise and set that as the new default.

True, a 'smart' striplight ... but I don't suppose a 27W 5' one of
those would be 16 pounds?

I do actually have a self-adhesive stop of LEDS that give me colour
and brightness that I was thinking of sticking up in the same place as
this striplight (it's under a single bed that I built into the
box-room wall and over a full width 1M deep desk) and I still might
give it a go. It's an Aldi branded jobby and whilst I can fully
control it on the Aldi (and other) apps, I can't (or I can't as yet)
fully manage it in Home Assistant.

I'm probably also going to include that lamp into the HA with an
occupancy sensor as I'm generally only turning it on when working in
there or setting up the 3D printer. I'm getting too used to the hall,
kitchen and landing lights going on and off automatically (movement /
occupancy) it seems quite 'primitive to have to still turn some on and
off yourself. ;-)

Yeah, I'd never go back to physical switches again, dinosaur stuff.


Mine can even be disabled so I can prowl around the house and
see whats happening outside if I hear something unusual outside.

Yeah, I was going to setup something similar, an 'All lights on full'
or 'All lights off' remote button but haven't as yet. I think I'll get
some more of the little 'Trafdi' remotes because they are cheap, seem
to work fairly well, seem to be pretty reliable, every good on
batteries and are magnetically held onto their backing so can be
lifted off. They also seem well supported in HA and I have already
used them for controlling all sorts of things.

I think they are (or were) 6 quid each or 10 quid if bought with an
ES27 smart lamp? I'll probably get them with the lamps as 4 quid for a
fairly bright / flexible lamp (you can change the colour temp and
brightness ... and with a 3 yr warranty(?)) seems pretty good value?

Cheers, T i m