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Default OT: Manual or automatic gearbox? and XC60 opinion...

In article , Andy Burns
Dave Plowman wrote:

Andy Burns wrote:

What I don't want to do is train my left foot to do braking, too much
potential for ****-up.

In the same way that my fingers remember all my complex passwords, but
my brain doesn't, my feet know how to do emergency braking, without any
input from my brain .. ok clearly not ... but that's how it feels.

Oddly, when most first try it, they find they start off braking too hard.

Yes, whenever I've tried left foot braking, I've made friends with the

Because with a clutch you slap it down and release gently - rather the
reverse of braking.

I don't see what's to gain by left-foot breaking, once you have hold
assist available?

I've never had hold assist and have never used left foot breaking and
have driven probably about 10 different vehicles with autos.