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Default Light 3 core silicone mains cable?

A lot of these cables are designed to just run from a base to the iron I
think, which is fine if you are just doing the same task all the time but a
pain if not. I suppose you could ask cable companies directly, but I'd say
they would want to you to buy a reel of it.



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I can't seem to find a supplier of definable lengths of light silicone
3 core flex to use on things like soldering irons, hot melt glue guns,
small heat guns and the like. The sort of thing that can either get
hot itself or might be where I'm also working with something that is
hot (like a soldering iron).

It's not only for it's tolerance to heat but because often these
things come with a fairly cheap / stiff type of cable that makes it
less accurate to use and can also stop it from being put down and have
it stay (like the hot melt glue gun might be twisted off it's small
stand by the fact that the cable is too unwieldy)? ;-(

I have found loads of places selling 1.2-1.5m lengths of the sort of
thing I want:

But I was hoping to be able to buy it in a longer length to cut it
down but not sure I could justify a 50-100m roll (also in the hope it
might be cheaper that way)?

Any pointers appreciated etc (trolls need not reply) ... ;-)

Cheers, T i m