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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow of course).

On Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:31:48 +0100, "Commander Kinsey"


I still might stay respectful and let the dog come to me etc.

This happened a few years back. I went to post something through a woman's letterbox (they're on the front door for any backward Americans reading this).


There was a closed gate and a sleeping large dog. I had to open the gate to get to the letterbox. The dog awoke and very quickly shot out of the garden and ran off out of sight. The woman ran out of the house swearing at me,

I sort of get that, especially if you saw the dog before opening the

chased the dog, and took several minutes to get it anywhere near the house, but it wouldn't go on the lead or in the garden. Still waiting in the garden, I crouched down and beckoned to the dog. It came over and played with me.

Like they do when you aren't threatening to the or even better, look
like fun.

She shut the gate, stared at me, then said, "That was very stupid!" "What?" "That dog is dangerous! Why did you come in my garden?" "You hid your front door behind the garden." "Get off my property!" "With or without the dog that hates you?" I opened the gate to leave and the dog tried to follow, almost knocking her down when she stopped it.

Hehe. And some people don't think animals can't give consent (or
assent or dissent). ;-)

Met a lady (again [1]) when walking to a mates with the Mrs earlier
who was waling / trainer her 18 month old golden lab. While we were
chatting I was playing ball with the dog and at one point he picked up
my Tilley hat and ran off with it. So I picked up his ball and he
dropped the hat. ;-)


I had a macaw that was in love with an amazon (called Sky).

I really couldn't keep a bird and never have. Seems to be the ultimate
level of imprisonment to me, other than maybe racing pigeons (but
don't agree with those either etc). Of all creatures that deserve to
be free, birds are it.

I did rescue a Rock Dove that (after treatment by the vet) couldn't
fly so stayed in the garden in the roost I made him / her.

The whippets could typically get to any visiting cat before they could
get near the pigeon. ;-)

If I tried to pick up Sky, the macaw would shout "No! Don't touch! Leave Sky alone!"

And he was completely right of course, unless you left the window open
during the day for it to come and go as it pleased?

Ignoring this warning was not advisable.


It's cool how they learn the meaning of words from things I've said and put them together in a different order.

Most animals are 'cool' and all of them deserve to live as *they*
choose. Before the trolls jump in, the exception (or certainly the
last to do) is the *domesticated* dog as they have evolved to live
with and often rely on man and why they (not cat's or anything else)
are 'Mans best friend'.


They can forget themselves sometimes but I tend not to torment them
under any circumstances.

Teasing isn't tormenting.

It can be, depending how it's done.

I was talking to a young mum and her young daughter in the park the
other day and she admitted she was frightened of dogs (because ours
tends to greet most people who deem to look at him with a fairy loud
greeting). From further conversation (I like to learn the reasons
behind such fears if people are happy to chat) was because her dads
Doberman bit her on the face when she was young but she quickly added
'because I was teasing him'.

So that was a good example of the tormenting not being 'accepted' by
the dog (as fun / play) and it's dissent was indicated in a pretty
clear way.

Our (daughters) dog will now be very accepting of you say moving his
food bowl whilst he's eating or holding onto a chewie while he bites
bits off but if you try to go near something he's chewing and even
sneakily try to get it it's very clear (by how fast he turns his head
or moves away) he doesn't want to play (like you can stroke his head
or even his nose but if you move that stroking down towards his mouth
....). ;-)

This is very different to stopping him trying to swallow a cooked
chicken bone he finds on the street when I will happily put my fingers
in his mouth and get him to spit it out. When he does, I give him a
treat in exchange.

Cheers, T i m

[1] They (her and her partner) are cutting down on meat (and only have
meat / fish once a week) and cut out cows milk years ago because she
doesn't like the smell and how it comes about. They have a few
(ethical) vegan friends and have no issues sharing meals with any of