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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow ofcourse).

On Sun, 06 Jun 2021 21:02:04 +0100, T i m wrote:

On Sun, 06 Jun 2021 18:55:04 +0100, "Commander Kinsey"


I freed a couple of sheep with their heads jammed in a fence.

Probably one of DickHeadxx traps. It wasn't Spuke as he doesn't eat
sheep for some reason (or cows) but eats everything else apparently.

Wasn't a trap, it was the fence supposed to be keeping them in.

I know rolls eyes ... ;-)

They let me do it. They did not let the previous person do it. They somehow sensed I would be more careful.

Animals do have a good sense of that ... many have a greater sense of
that than we do (given the range of senses they can use that we don't
even possess).

No dog is ever vicious with me, even when the owner has warned me I'll get my finger removed.

I still might stay respectful and let the dog come to me etc.

This happened a few years back. I went to post something through a woman's letterbox (they're on the front door for any backward Americans reading this). There was a closed gate and a sleeping large dog. I had to open the gate to get to the letterbox. The dog awoke and very quickly shot out of the garden and ran off out of sight. The woman ran out of the house swearing at me, chased the dog, and took several minutes to get it anywhere near the house, but it wouldn't go on the lead or in the garden. Still waiting in the garden, I crouched down and beckoned to the dog. It came over and played with me. She shut the gate, stared at me, then said, "That was very stupid!" "What?" "That dog is dangerous! Why did you come in my garden?" "You hid your front door behind the garden." "Get off my property!" "With or without the dog that hates you?" I opened the gate to leave and the dog tried to follow, almost knocking her down when she stopped it.

I once cuddled a cat while waiting for someone to answer the door, the owner was shocked, she claimed even she had her face clawed if she tried that.

Yup, I seem to have a similar reaction. I was warned against putting
my fingers anywhere near the cage of sisters neighbours large parrot
when they were away and she was looking after it. I went with her to
feed it and she popped home to get something and when she came back it
had it's head up against the bars and I was stroking it. Apparently
it's beak was like 'bolt croppers' and it 'hated men'. ;-(

I had a macaw that was in love with an amazon (called Sky). If I tried to pick up Sky, the macaw would shout "No! Don't touch! Leave Sky alone!" Ignoring this warning was not advisable. It's cool how they learn the meaning of words from things I've said and put them together in a different order.

And for a smallish dog he's got a very loud bark and that has made
many people jump. ;-)

I know one dog I can make very angry by staring at it. Quite funny as I can make it charge at the front door by looking through the window. The hallway is slippery (laminate), it never remembers this and collides with the door at high speed.

They can forget themselves sometimes but I tend not to torment them
under any circumstances.

Teasing isn't tormenting.