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Default Removing facefbook

On 07/06/2021 07:42, Andy Burns wrote:
John Rumm wrote:

To find out what other business have shared with them...

"You must log in to continue." no thanks

Think it through logically...

If you already have a login, then you may as well use it, since it will
let you see exactly what information[1] they hold on you. Logging in to
find out just that gives them little new information of relevance. It
also allow you to set limits on what they collect in future.

If you don't already have a login then they won't hold any information
tied to that login[2] (that does not exist) so you would not be able to
retrieve it anyway even if you created one.

[1] That they are prepared to admit to anyway.

[2] They probably still have some information about you since your
contact details will likely be included in the contact lists of others
what have shared them with FB - it may be in an aggregated form.



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