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Default Removing facefbook

Fredxx wrote:
On 05/06/2021 18:22, Paul wrote:
Broadback wrote:
Is there an easy way to remove it in total from my computer please?

I put a few entries in the Windows HOSTS file, to ensure
I don't feed the machine too much data.

But I don't obsess about it, and they could easily add
domains for tracking "non-customer". They track everybody,
whether you use their service or not. That's why there
are so many beacons on individual web pages. They pay sites
to host such rubbish. When you block the facebook sites,
you send less data to them when visiting totally unrelated sites.

There will be more than one of these lists around, so you
can shop for the most-extensive one. Near the bottom.

The purpose of the HOSTS file is to remap symbolic domains
to non-existent IP addresses. For example, if you ran a
local web server (IIS) on your machine, and did

then your own web server would get the query intended for the
commercial site. Thus, some thought goes into the form of
the HOSTS entries.

The HOSTS file is cross-platform, but burbled up from UNIX to
the others. There's a table of file system locations for
storage of HOSTS, available here. Windows will have two file
system locations, with Windows XP stored slightly differently
than Vista+. Just a guess.

Note that, on Windows 10, Microsoft bypasses HOSTS when it
needs to visit vortex. There are a number of addresses you
cannot bypass, to "starve" Microsoft. Just so you know.
Every bucket must have holes in it.

It's good to see you got the inspiration from a post of mine some 6
hours ago. :-) localhost

I don't have a reliable datestamp on the file.
And I didn't do a changelog inside, so can't tell that

That set has been there for a while.

It's possible the OS was installed 2016, but the
HOSTS file may have been copied over from the wreck
before it.

The wrecked OS partition is still around, the HOSTS
file has the same list, the date is 2013. That means
my token effort to blot out Facebook has been sitting
there for about eight years or so.

You can tell from that, not very many sites generate
enough interest, to get added. For Facebook, I made
an exception.