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Default A Big Climate Problem With Few Easy Solutions: Planes

On Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:54:03 +0100, "Dave Plowman (News)"


Only ones I've killfiled are genuine trolls or nutters. I'd say Tim is
very genuine in his beliefs

Indeed and unlike the accusations of the worst of the troll / nutters,
my passion / advocacy isn't any benefit to me (other than indirectly
via reduced pollution, better human health (freeing up the medical
system for genuine / unavoidable illness and less antibiotic
resistance) and for many, a better feeling inside because their
actions then are in keeping with their morals.

so merely skip his posts when he gets on that
high horse.

Of course (other than I don't have a 'high horse', just passion to
protect animals from the suffering and death they *ARE* suffering
unnecessarily) except that seems too difficult for some people for
some reason. I wonder if the subject pricks their conscience ... ?

Unless a horse is exploited too by man. ;-)

By Jove he's got it! ;-)

Basically, if we are supposed to be this advanced species then we
shouldn't be exploiting these creatures at all ... but ensuring they
can exist with the least disruption. So, we are building bridges over
roads for deer, rabbit and foxes to cross safely and tunnels and pipes
for frogs etc. We are now re-wilding all sorts of areas (inc taking
them out of direct food production) to encourage the return of
wildlife ... and patrolling large parks for poachers and have all
sorts of laws in place to stop people doing loads of things to
animals, even regarding their 'mental treatment'. Then we throw
millions of 1 day old chicks though a blender or remove and kill
newborn calves (so we can drink the milk meant for them, a different
species (FFS!) and after we have weaned) and many millions of people
all round the world know that all to be disgusting.

Cheers, T i m