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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow ofcourse).

On 01/06/2021 22:02, T i m wrote:
On Tue, 1 Jun 2021 13:44:41 +0100, "NY" wrote:


I've got a great idea.

The chances are it won't be but carry on. ;-)

I'll carry on eating meat and drinking milk because I
put humans' needs/desires before animals'.

I know you do. It would be interesting to know if you would still do
that if you had to cut the throat of the animals yourself.

Some of us would rather they were stunned or bolted first. We know you
don't care about animal welfare sufficiently to sign this:

You carry on not doing so, for
very valid ethical reasons (even if I disagree with them).

I will, thanks.

Some of which are contradictory. There is nothing ethical for a vegan to
have a pet dog.

And let's neither of us try to foist our opinions on the other.

Ironically you are already 'foisting' your views on innocent creatures
so there is no parallel or comparison.

Animals do not understand these views, so hardly foisted on them.

Se, I'm not a vegan for me,

We all knew you were dragged into veganism against your own wishes, but
now show nothing but envy that our loved ones allow us to eat meat and
your so called loved ones don't

I'm a vegan for all the animals that don't
deserve to suffer

That's another lie. You are on record as saying you don't care for
animal welfare whilst an animal is alive, which simply confirms your
envy towards us.

and die and for the world that is being destroyed,
just because the likes of you simply 'like' the taste of meat because
of your conditioning. If you could be conditioned to do something,
surely the most logical thing would be further conditioned not to do
that thing, especially when the lives of innocent / sentient creatures
are involved?

We are conditioned through evolution to eat meat and meat products as
part of a natural healthy diet.

Quite, it is personal choice.

But not if you really couldn't give a **** about all animals that is?

Which you don't by your own admission. Why don't you sign this petition?

What does dog taste like, or cat, or do you draw the line somewhere?

Yes, it's called choice. Some cultures like Guinea Pigs.

And I'm guessing you DGAF about other humans either, all the
antibiotic resistance from the livestock we consume.

Some of use do, and even though the jury is out on this subject, I would
have no problem in banning antibiotics for non-humans.

Or the habitat
destruction threatening the remaining wildlife? Or those humans
starving because of the inefficient way we use resources? Or the
pollution we humans are suffering from all the livestock waste ...?

So there are too many people on this planet.

See, it's not all about you and what you happen to have been
conditioned to eat ...

This is all about you, your fanaticism and narcissism.

"Carnistic Defenses

Carnism runs counter to core human values, such as compassion and
justice. Most people wouldnt willingly violate these values and
support unnecessary violence toward other sentient beings. Therefore,
carnism€”like other oppressive systems, such as patriarchy and
racism€”uses a set of psychological defense mechanisms that distort our
thoughts and block our natural empathy, so that we act against our
values without fully realizing what were doing. In other words,
carnism conditions us not to think and feel.

Are you on another planet? I wonder who you are talking about? Human
values include a natural balanced diet, where it is proven that removing
meat and meat products from children stunts their development.

Carnistic defenses hide the contradictions between our values and
behaviors, so that we unknowingly make exceptions to what we would
normally consider unethical. "

I should have expected you are only able to cut and past from fanatical

Again, a website that forgets we have evolved to eat meat as part of a
natural balanced diet, where it is proven that removing meat and meat
products from children stunts their development.