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Default "Grouting" between existing patio slabs: how to avoid dry powdery mortar

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The cement is not washed away, as I did not say it was. Never mind,
if you don't know, some one else will tell me.

best time is when its about half as hot as it gets, and is damp. so
cool and damp. cement will set, slowly, wont get washed away by rain,
and slabs wont expand as hot. don't want overnight frosts that will
destroy it before its sets either

Thanks, as I normally or have done it either spring time or maybe
September when needed.

When I have looked up what mix and how much water, all I found was
anything between 4:1 and 3:1, and just enough water so it clags or
holds in your hand. Then trowel it in the gaps, and tamping it down as
I go along. I also us a 'iron' to smooth each joint, then lightly
water afterwards, then leave it dry off

You clearly arent doing it right if you have to keep redoing it so often.

Like I said, the mix is fine, so it must be the water or the time when
you do it.

Its not rocket science, others manage to get it right.

Could it be that the product is not properly mixed in the bag?

Its not clear that he used a mix in a bag given he talks about the mix