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On 01/06/2021 06:02, Richard wrote:
On 31/05/2021 21:57, Rod Speed wrote:
Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote

For Brian, its an attempted armed hijacking of a vehicle in South
Africa with ****ing great bullet holes in the driver's side window
and windscreen.

Your observation is incorrect. The bullet proof glass did what it is
designed to do.

White driver and black passenger who has a
****ing great military assault weapon who appears to be ****ting his

You would definitely have ****... oops, there's always **** in yer pants.

The driver appears to have attempted to
go back and kill the hijackers with the ****ing great gun.

In the great scheme of things, it isn't really that great of a gun.

too big for in the vehicle..there is also a good video with exterior
shots of what happened