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Default Multiple front door locks

On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 13:19:29 +0100, Andrew

PS Did your replacement Sharp meecro-warve (with an accent over the
trailing 'e') turn up and is it as good as the old model ?. I'm still
looking for a decent combi microwave to replace my half-dead one.
The only people who seem to make anything similar are Bosch, AEG
etc but they are all built-in ovens costing 800+

The original Sharp was beyond excellent. The cloneish replacement was
slightly lower wattage and the outer walls were not stainless steel,
but described as "Silver" like so many items seem to be these days,
unless it's a grey painted car, then it's likely to be described as

Apart from the above the new Microwave is pretty good and has the same
range of features as the original.
It cost 349.96 GBP from Buy it Direct Ltd.
When it arrived the packaging had been heartily bashed and there was a
small dent in the side of the microwave. Got a 55 refund for that as
I was too needful of its services to send it back.