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Default Cracks in walls?

On 30/04/2021 10:34, Mike Halmarack wrote:
On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 10:27:11 +0100, R D S wrote:

When it was freezing cold over winter I noted that our back doors were
catching, but they've since sorted themselves out. I'm aware that's not

Recently I've noticed a crack in some plaster above the bathroom window,
similar above a bedroom door and there's a small gap between the wall
and the some of the skirting on the stairs. Only a mm or two but there's
definitely things shifting.

I'm hoping it's climate or coincidence but we had a downstairs wall out*
a couple of years ago and it's making me paranoid!

Talk to me about your cracks and hopefully put my mind at rest.

*Load bearing wall, 2 rooms into one done by a builder and a concrete
lintel put in that's sitting on one skin of brick of the internal wall.

My previous gaff was an old cottage, throughout the seasons cracks
would open up and close like rosebuds. In lockdown it would've been a
good way of estimating what time of the year it was without getting
out of bed.

115 YO houses didn't have particularly good foundations, and the
original wall imposed its downward forces evenly along the foundation.
By removing it and inserting a beam, the OP is imposing concentrated
point loads onto the foundations, which may not be strong enough.
This is something that the BCO will normally fuss over and ask for
the original foundations to be exposed to make sure they are
strong enough. Did the OP submit a bulding notice, or just rely on
the word of a jobbing builder ?.