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Default OT opening an Excel document stored on Google Drive

On 29/04/2021 19:52, Murmansk wrote:

I know from experience today that if you right-click a file in Google
Drive you can select Open With and Excel is not one of the options

There are a couple of ways this can work...

You can access google drive in a web browser (visiting
or you can install the google drive connector app on the machine and
have it mirror documents between the online drive and the local machine
(or machines - much like one drive or dropbox).

If you are on the web page, then you can right click a file and select
"download" on a google spreadsheet file - it will then convert to excel
format prior to downloading.

If you upload an excel file to the drive it will keep a copy in excel
format in the drive (and the storage for it will come out of that
allocated to your drive). If you try to open it online, it will open it
in googles web based excel editor to start with (i.e. leaving it in
excel format). You also have the option of converting it to a native
google spreadsheet. (that then opens up the full set of capabilities and
it also consumes no storage allocation on the drive)

If you are interacting with the local file system copy of the drive,
then any xls or xlsx files stored in the drive you should be able to
open directly in excel.



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