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Default OT: Local politics, opposition?

On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 13:43:50 +0000, Spike

On 27/04/2021 09:18, T i m wrote:
Spike wrote:
On 25/04/2021 23:18, T i m wrote:

How about *asking* me if I had the latest dictionary file and that the
right one was enabled if you really wanted to help?

Not necessary, because your posts made it clear that you were using the
wrong dictionary.

Looks like your assumption made an ass of you then eh as I was using
the latest and most appropriate dictionary available for my newsreader
client and explained that I had to occasionally update it with new
words and different spellings ( so I already had a solution, thanks).

I have mentioned many a time (inc recently in a tread about Forte
Agent) stating exactly what version I was using.

But not which dictionary you were using.

See above re your incorrect assumptions it wasn't the most

No-one knew what dictionary you were using,

Anyone could have *asked*. Assumptions keep making an 'ass' of you eh.

and it isn't in the headers
that bizarrely you think we should monitor.

Nope, something else you have twisted again in your desperate attempt
to deflect your own ****up(s).

I didn't ask for help. You offered it when none was really / ever

Get a more appropriate newsreader...

I hope to be using a later version as I migrate onto another PC and
there may well be a more up-to-date / appropriate dictionary available
for that.

Thank goodness.

For whom? You having to read a non UK spelling of 'councillor' in a
d-i-y group? Oh, poor baby. ;-(

None of this excuses your *attitude* of not asking and then you crying
because (once again) it's backfired on you.

None of this excuses your demand that we all monitor your headers,

No such demand was ever made. It's something you desperately clinging
onto to save you falling further down that hole (but you lost control
of that ages ago).

strange demand if ever there was one

And of course there never was, it's just something you and the
Squeaker Goblin tried to fabricate to try to save face (again, that
boat sailed ages ago).

as it wouldn't tell us what
dictionary you were using.

No, but the information about the version might give you some clues
what the options there weren't.

Spike. 'Tim, are you using the latest dictionary and language

It isn't a question of 'latest', it's a question of the 'most appropriate'.

It would be both.

Tim. Yes mate, I'm running a fairly old version of FA and it's set to
the latest English dictionary file there is ...

So why did it have the word 'councilor' in it,

Because it was based on the American dictionary I'm guessing?

and auto-correct from the
British English word you claimed you used??

See above.

Every version after mine only supports 'English (International)', not
'English (British)' so what are the chances of my version supporting
anything more appropriate?

But you keep digging trying to prove black is white and suffering more
darkness and Faceplanting as you do so.

The facts, as presented at the time were and still are 100% correct
and relevant.

I didn't ask for your or anyone else's help on the matter.
I was already running the latest / most appropriate (only) dictionary

I add new words as they come up *anyway*.

Anyone who actually wanted to help who wasn't an asshat troll would
have *asked* me what dictionary I was running and been satisfied by
the reply.

Anyone thinking they were being 'clever' with any reply would
therefore simply Faceplant (and in your case, continue to do so for
some self destructive / troll / left brainer reasons).

I hope the carbon dioxide isn't building up down that hole now as you
might start to experience what all the pigs and chicks suffer as they
pass out ...

Are we having fun yet?

Cheers, T i m