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On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 17:33:02 +0100, PeterC

On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 13:28:42 +0100, T i m wrote:

p.s. Daughter got a pretty heavy barrow just before she closed her
Tree Surgery business and it's round Mums (unused). I'll have to check
it out when I go round there next.

Thanks, I appreciate your opinion on it.


Flatproof tyres are expensive; the 'punture-proof' aren't - they're easily
pierced but don't have tubes.

On that, I'm about to treat the tyres on a chipper daughter is going
to sell at some point with 'Punctureseal'. It's a pre-puncture,
fit-n-forget sealant that I have used for over 20 years on all sorts
of things (mostly on-road vehicles and trailers) and found it very
effective. A mate has also treated his employers ride-on-mower, fed up
with having to take a wheel into a local place to get thorn punctures
fixed on a weekly basis. It took quite a bit of sealant (balloon
tyres), but he didn't suffer a puncture from that point on. It also
seals the pores against porosity, the tyres don't need re-inflating up
often either.

Foam has to be very good before it doesn't
deteroriate and fall tp pieces.

I can imagine.

I had some Clark's Hikers, didn't use them for several years. They were in a
cupboard with no exposure to sunlight. Next time on they just crumbled and
fell to bits.

Yup, I've had that, as did the FIL. He put on a new pair old NOS shoes
and was just wearing the uppers by the end of the street. ;-)

*Apparently*, (according to a show shop insider) there was a batch of
rubber as used for shoe soles that was bad but used by many shoe
manufacturers for some time, a bit like the bad capacitor thing.

I took a brand new pair of trainers out of their box (after storing
them for a while till I wore the first pair out) and the soles broke
in half when I flexed them with my hands. ;-(

Methinks a barrow's wheel gets more exposure.

Quite, and I really don't think you can beat a pneumatic tyre on a
barrow for ease and comfort of use.

As you say, if the foam is soft enough to 'give' with anything below a
full (weight) load, the chances are it won't last that long after
being driven over sharp edges (rubble and the like).

Hard enough to be tough and it ends up being solid, especially with a
medium load and you feel every bump and can't easily start moving over
even small obstructions. Easy effect to see when you hit a small stone
with a reasonably loaded std in-store shopping trolley. ;-(

If you end up with an inflatable tyred barrow and want to run an
experiment with me, if we confirm the valve position I'll get a
suitably sized tube (normally 3.50x8?), treat it to a dose of
Punctureseal and stick it in the post (all foc), as long as you let us
know how it works out? ;-)

Cheers, T i m