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On Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 12:15:10 PM UTC-7, Ed Vance wrote:
04-25-21 22:47 whit3rd wrote to Ed Vance about Toshiba TV

I have a old tubed MGA TV w/Digital Convertor in another room and can
see those two Sub-Channels on it ghat are missing on the Toshiba, I use
a Rabbit Ear and Bow-Tie antenna on that TV.

wh More likely, your antenna isn't picking up all the stations, and could
wh use adjusting. If you still have a converter box, some of those have
wh signal strength indicators (and you can see if the converter scans and
wh finds the same stations, or a different subset. If a converter picks up
wh more stations than the TV on the same antenna... then the TV might need
wh an antenna booster amplifier.

I have the Yagi pointed towards that Stations transmitter site.

The Toshiba TV's Menu has a setting for a Signal Meter but the Channel
I can't see doesn't come up even when I've tried to ADD it on the menu.

Well, if there's an amplifier already in the loop... could it be that there's too
much amplification, that an input stage is saturating (and losing gain)?
If you have an attenuator (or even just some splitters, with terminated extra
outputs) that can be patched in, that might be worth a trial. Between the antenna and input
amplifier, ideally.

If the missing channels are at extremes (high end?) of the frequency range,
it might still be the varactor bias supply (sometimes 30VDC) has shifted. That would affect tuning